Successful Sport Level Up College Recruitment

High school juniors and seniors commit to college beyond education with sports recruitment. The college sports recruitment process allows high schoolers to unlock being future professionals.

Molly Novotny and Tanner Gangl made their commitment this past fall. Molly commits to the University of North Dakota, but Tanner is with the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Their successful junior year aid with their recruitment process would boost confidence in upcoming high school seniors. Raising star junior Blake Femrite wants to follow in his family’s footsteps at St. John University.

Molly Novotny pointed at her green University of North Dakota sweatshirt to show her commitment to track.

Molly Novotny is a multi-sport athlete. Molly didn’t join track until 8th grade at Spectrum Middle School. She was in competitive dance, cross country, soccer, and basketball. Molly has been successful at state competitions many times, and college coaches have started to take notice.

Tanner Gangl’s skill at quarterback throwing got him committed to the University of Wisconsin River Falls.

Tanner Gangl had a breakout year as a junior, leading his football team to their first section championship. Tanner led the class with the most throwing-receiving yard that year. Growing up, his love of football came from admiring Packer quarterback Aaron Rodger. He plans to coach rather than play afterwards.

Captain Blake Femrite holds a basketball for his recruitment profile resume.

Blake Femrite’s preschool inspiration is from his brother, Carter. Carter helped assist Blake in being a top future basketball recruit. Blake follows him again for football after quitting soccer. His athletic capability provides an important assist weapon for teams in need.