Expanding New Activities Opportunities

The growing Spectrum community is offering more opportunities for growth in new activities. New activities expand interest to many minorities group. Unphysically students’ interests are given the power to use their creative mindset. A creative mindset person opens the door to new future horizons. New future horizons bring adventure out of individuals. Individuals are capable of gathering together the communities.

Spectrum offers many Co-Op sports. One example was creating its targeting team this spring after departing from Pact Charter (Ramsey, MN). Matthew Burquest (12th) believes in the importance “for one, gun safety for sure because it is a shooting sport.” Another Co-Op sport is gymnastics with Elk River High School. Hanna Eckert (11th) replied, “There is a lot of diversity in gymnastics.”

Hanna Eckert smiling away at her gymnastic competition meet.


There are some new activities that Spectrum hasn’t been offered yet. Naomi Orth (11th) says Dungeon and Dragon “teach you skills to communicate with other… If you are in a situation where you need to strategize anywhere and make a plan, you have experienced it even if it wasn’t in real life.”