The affects on schools from the fse of ChatGPT

Is it good or should it be regulated more?

August 16, 2023


Aric Randolph

ChatGPT title screen introducing you to AI and its abilities

ChatGPT has been brought up in recent news, I’m sure you have heard of it, but what is ChatGPT, and how does it affect us? ChatGPT is an AI-based technology that can give you answers based on many different sources from the internet. It can do things like to make jokes or have it make funny songs. So what is the deal why is it wrong? This is the thing our administrators have to think of, the use of ChatGPT can allow people to cheat on papers and other writing assignments.

ChatGPT title screen introducing you to AI and its abilities (Aric Randolph)

ChatGPT is really hard to regulate especially in school, we talked to our principal about this, he said that the environment in schools with AI and how is hard to control. Some people are nervous about the change to AI and how it can affect the aspect you learn in high school to write papers. Ms. Genise said, “…it makes me nervous that we may not have to write anymore”. With AI, many articles are being written on how the high school paper is dead. There are many concerned people about the use of AI in schools, Reese Fish’s said “Writing is such an essential tool in the workplace and in life in general”

Many people are scared about the morals of how the students use AI, you can use it for papers and speeches. Ms. Genise said, “Yeah, I’m really iffy about using the paragraphs it writes right now. That seems wrong.” As a literature teacher, Genise has to juggle the use of plagiarism on papers, this can be very hard, especially with the use of AI.

On the other side of the coin, we have the positives, AI can be used to do so much good and help people to learn. As Lealand said “It has to be heavily scrutinized. It has to fit in the system that you create.” If we build a system that helps regulate plagiarism we can use AI as an advantage for helping with the process of making literature and other projects. Genise says “where I am trying to learn brand new stuff like facts of history and that type of thing.” this shows that AI can help us. Learning things with AI is easy and if it is made right it is pretty accurate. You can also use it like Reese Fish said  “You could be used as a tool to check grammar, check sentence structure, and work with the different aspects of writing wells.”

Chat GPT is something that we still need to learn about and make systems for. No matter what view you have on AI in schools we can avoid this technology in society. We have to learn and adapt to it to make it better and to learn from it. Hopefully, in a couple of years, we can make a rule that allows us to go hand in hand with the AI


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