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Underclassmen plan ahead for the future

Ruby Curtis and Isabella Schluender April 25, 2024

Although it is a ways away, Spectrum students in ninth and tenth grade are thinking ahead at their futures. Students such as Grace Cerezo, Simon Ruzek, and Lyla Wills have high hopes for their futures. "I...

Speech; the very successful Spectrum activity

Bryce Olson and Teddy Mau April 23, 2024

Speech is competitive public speaking activty with many categories, including interpreting an already written piece and a self-written piece.  Many tournaments include students are scored in 3 rounds...

Left to right; Fletcher Blake, played by Joe Ambrose and Kathrine Blake, played by  Isabella Schluender, driving in a car during the performance of Disneys Freaky Friday.

The spring musical brings heartwarming feelings to Spectrum

Ann Harvill and Ruby Curtis April 2, 2024

Spectrum's theater program performed Disney's Freaky Friday; The Musical the weekend of March 15th to 17th. Unlike the several movies and one book with the same name, the musical provides a different...

Small school, large results, Spectrum Quizbowl team makes it far

Izzie Walters and Tucker Marjama March 21, 2024

Spectrum High School's Quizbowl team has been successful for years, qualifying for small school nationals again and again. This year a momentous one for the team as this was the first year in school...

Etta and Kiera speaking for the environmentalist in mock city council meeting in environmental science.

Learning local government through an environmental science class

Josh Neuhaus and Hayen McColley February 8, 2024

Mollet's environmental C@SH class did a mock city council meeting discussing a hypothetical proposition proposed by a corporation to set up an underground storage tank to improve their factories efficiency...

The Spectrum Sting Dance Team kicks its way to success

Ruby Curtis and Jezabel Dimaze January 23, 2024

The Spectrum Sting Dance Team made Spectrum history a few weeks ago by gaining the opportunity to perform at a Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game on Wednesday, January 3rd. After being invited...

Profound poisoned pen performance

Saeran Whitney and Savannah Potter November 30, 2023

Two weeks ago, on the first weekend of November, the Spectrum High School theater program put on the Poisoned Pen, a murder mystery about an eccentric director and a group of actors, stuck together in...

Expression through color

Makayla Taylor and Izzie Walters November 27, 2023

The teenage years are a critical time in development physically, mentally, and emotionally. Students are learning and experimenting with who they are and what makes them special. In this learning phase,...

Songbirds & snakes & Hunger Games, oh my!

Ruby Curtis and Isabella Schluender November 20, 2023

A new movie is coming soon to theaters that many Spectrum students and staff have been waiting years for. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, a book written by Suzanne Collins and released on May 19,...

The Impact of the Eras Tour on Spectrum

Tai Warnke and Hayden Harp October 26, 2023

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest artists of today and some of our very own Spectrum Students were able to make it to the Eras Tour she put on this summer. Some of our students also tried to make it into...

Yearbook without Mrs. Favre

Savannah Potter and Elijah Wessling October 23, 2023

The Spectrum Yearbook class has gone through a big change this semester. Yearbook advisor Mrs. Favre is on maternity leave, so Ms. Robers (row-bears) is the long term sub that has been filling in during...

New Spectrum marching band

Saeran Whitney and Josh Neuhaus October 17, 2023

This year Spectrum High School has a marching band for the first time in its history. Last year the band director, Ms. Pallin, took a poll with the band students on whether or not the school should start...

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