Underclassmen hard at work in a study hall.
Underclassmen hard at work in a study hall.
Isabella Schluender

Underclassmen plan ahead for the future

Spectrum underclassmen have hopes and dreams for their future careers.

Although it is a ways away, Spectrum students in ninth and tenth grade are thinking ahead at their futures. Students such as Grace Cerezo, Simon Ruzek, and Lyla Wills have high hopes for their futures.

I probably want to do music or hair styling,” said Grace Cerezo, a sophomore at Spectrum.”I’ve always had a passion for [music], and I started writing songs at the age of 12. My family’s also very musical. And then hair, I found out a couple years ago that I’m like actually good at it and I enjoy doing it.”

“I really like the idea of screenwriting, but I also really enjoy playing music,” said Simon Ruzek, a freshman at Spectrum.

Lyla Wills smiling big in a picture from her youth. (Lyla Wills)

I want to be a labor and delivery nurse,” said Lyla Wills, a freshman at Spectrum. “I just know a few people that do it and it’s like something that would be fun to like be.”

When they were younger, these three underclassmen had dreams of what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Left to right; Margaret, Simon, and Ezekiel Ruzek posing together.

Originally, I had an idea of being an endocrinologist or a surgeon,” said Ruzek. “The reason I wanted to be a surgeon or endocrinologist was because, one, I have type one diabetes. When I was born I had club feet, I had to have over nine surgeries and it kind of inspired me to become a surgeon so I can help other people.”

I think I wanted to be a police officer,” said Wills. “Just because they get to ride in the fun cars and go really fast.”

“I wanted to be a professional gymnast or like a police officer,” said Cerezo. “I tried gymnastics out and I always looked at the celebrities and was like ‘oh I wanna be like them.’ For a police officer I wanted to help out.”

Family can have a big impact on where someone’s story will go; Cerezo’s is her grandfather.

“He was in a [singing] quartet for a lot of years and now he’s retired but that definitely influenced me,” Cerezo said. 

It will be exciting to see where the underclassmen end up in the future. Anything is possible when you dream it.

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