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The Affects on Schools From The Use of ChatGPT

Grey Szakatits and Aric Randolph August 16, 2023

ChatGPT has been brought up in recent news, I'm sure you have heard of it, but what is ChatGPT, and how does it affect us? ChatGPT is an AI-based technology that can give you answers based on many different...

Prom: A Magical Night of Dancing and Fun!

Isabella Schluender and Josh Neuhaus May 23, 2023

Spectrum Highschool's prom, "Night of Floating Nights", was held on April 29th at the 21st Century Bank Event Center. It was well attended, and there was food, photo backdrops, drinks, and more. In...

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has the Community Reminiscing Over Their Childhood

Jezabel Dimaze and Aric Randolph May 21, 2023

A new movie recently came out taking popularity quickly and exciting video gamers. Zakya Siegler says,"I really like the Mario movie. I had very little expectation for it. When it came out, I was like,...

The Effects of The Bus Driver Shortage on Spectrum

Ruby Curtis and Natalie Fischer May 18, 2023

Across the country, bus drivers are not only rare, but the number of those driving school busses is rapidly depleting. According to "Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the job [a...

The Struggles and Achievements of Pride Month Told From the Perspective of Spectrum Staff and Students

Ruby Curtis and Arianna Bechthold May 15, 2023

June first marks the first day of LGBTQ+ Pride month. The month of June has been recognized as Pride month in the United States since 2009. During the month of June, members of the community remember...

Lent; an Important Time to Reflect on Habits and Religion

Bella Schluender and Erin Omariba April 27, 2023

February 22nd to April 6th is a special time for Catholics, just like Hindu and Buddhist people celebrate Diwali, Catholics celebrate lent. Lent is the fourty days before Easter, and Catholics decide...

Christmas Vacations

Bryce Olson and Josh Klug April 27, 2023

Christmas time is very popular and some students go on vacations during that time to either get away from the snow or see relatives. Some students' families try to go on vacation every year. "We...

Students Assisting Teachers

Ruby Curtis and Arianna Bechthold April 26, 2023

Teachers at Spectrum have big jobs; consisting of grading work, making class plans, and, of course, teaching. All of this is a lot for just one person to do for a whole class, so that is where the...

Spring Theatre Production Brings Magic to Spectrum High School

Ruby Curtis and Arianna Bechthold March 27, 2023

Theatre performances have always been a way for students to showcase their talents. This spring, Spectrum's theatre program performed Roger and Hammerstein's Cinderella during the weekend of March...

A Change Made in 1987 That’s Still in Effect to This Day

Jezabel Dimaze and Grey Szakatits March 23, 2023

In March 1987, March became the official month for women (Women's History Month) and at Spectrum High School the student body consists of a 53% female majority ( all have a woman in our...

Rayna Cabak, a Talented Student at Spectrum High School

Isabella Schluender and Izzie Walters March 16, 2023

Spectrum High School is full of incredibly talented people, and one of them is Rayna Cabak. Rayna Cabak is a very talented, generous, and kind person. Rayna loves music, she is a teaching assistant for...

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The Race for Nationals, The Trials and Triumphs of Quiz Bowl

River Walters and Elijah Wessling March 14, 2023

Spectrum's Quiz Bowl team is a small group in comparison to our other sports and after-school activites but it has been one of the more successful ones in recent years with 3+ years in a row qualifying...

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