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Wall of seniors graduating Spectrum High school in 2024

Seniors share their big decisions on a big day

Saeran Whitney, Reporter May 20, 2024

Every year, Spectrum High school makes sure that seniors have a fun and important day, where they get pictures, thank yous, etc, as well as sharing their big choices with the rest of the school. This...

Mothers Day, a time for appreciation.

Izzie Walters and Danielle Scott May 16, 2024

This year mothers day was May 12th, so it is a great time to give mothers some extra love for all the hard work that they do. Some people will plan special things for their mothers to celebrate them. “We’ll...

Addie Thompson: going from dreams to a reality

Spectrum student Addie Thompson started her lash business in December of 2023.  This business is just a step in her future career plans. "I want to be a cosmetologist when I'm older," Thompson...

Speech; the very successful Spectrum activity

Bryce Olson and Teddy Mau April 23, 2024

Speech is competitive public speaking activty with many categories, including interpreting an already written piece and a self-written piece.  Many tournaments include students are scored in 3 rounds...

Quotes can impact everyone’s lives

Emerson Swanson, Reporter April 16, 2024

As we enter the middle of the year, girls tend to have trouble being self-assured. For girls to succeed in this world girls will need confidence, which matters as much as competence.  There were a...

Outstanding Stingers: starting new traditions

Isabella Schluender and Hayden McColley April 9, 2024

This year at Spectrum, a new tradition was started: Outstanding Stingers. The leaders of Student Council chose three students from each grade that they thought represented Spectrum High School's core values....

Small school, large results, Spectrum Quizbowl team makes it far

Izzie Walters and Tucker Marjama March 21, 2024

Spectrum High School's Quizbowl team has been successful for years, qualifying for small school nationals again and again. This year a momentous one for the team as this was the first year in school...

Thumbs Up, a resource center for those struggling with mental health opens a new set of doors

Jezabel Dimaze and Ann Harvill March 21, 2024

Thumbs Up is a resource center for middle and high school students looking to relax and decompress after school. Katie Shatusky, the executive director of Thumbs Up said, "Thumbs Up is a non-profit based...

Daddy O’s: A Local Gem to Take You Back in Time

Savannah Potter and Gavin Oblinger March 14, 2024

Welcome to Daddy O's, the perfect destination for anyone near downtown Elk River. As soon as you walk through the door, you'll find yourself back in the 1950's. "Daddy O's began as a Mexican franchise...

Students continue to find motivation through the cold winter months

Jezabel Dimaze and Erin Omariba February 16, 2024

During the cold, winter months, having lack of motivation, or lack there of is something we all go through. Holden Dvorak said, “I have a lot of people counting on me to achieve the things that I want...

Etta and Kiera speaking for the environmentalist in mock city council meeting in environmental science.

Learning local government through an environmental science class

Josh Neuhaus and Hayen McColley February 8, 2024

Mollet's environmental C@SH class did a mock city council meeting discussing a hypothetical proposition proposed by a corporation to set up an underground storage tank to improve their factories efficiency...

Much more than mopping

Makayla Taylor and Bryce Olson January 9, 2024

Out of all of the hard working staff at Spectrum there is a group that stands out: The Janitors. There are a number of janitors in each of the buildings and all of them deserve to be appreciated. The janitors...

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