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Addie Thompson: going from dreams to a reality

Addie Thompsons business card.
Addie Thompson
Addie Thompson’s business card.
The final product of Katie Rocque’s lash extensions, done by Addie Thompson. (Addie Thompson)

Spectrum student Addie Thompson started her lash business in December of 2023.  This business is just a step in her future career plans.

“I want to be a cosmetologist when I’m older,” Thompson said.

Not just stopping there, she stated how she would like to get licensed in a bunch of little things.

Thompson isn’t just great at eyelashes. She is also a very affable and social person.

“I just like how friendly she is and how welcomed she made me feel,” said Katie Rocque.

Similar statement made by another costumer,

“She’s my friend,” Ava Henrie said. “I was really comfortable being at her house and letting her do stuff to my lashes. So that was probably the best part, just being comfortable,”

Starting a new business can comes many challenges.

“It’s super hard to build clientele. It’s super hard to remember to post and then edit all those pictures too,” Thompson said.

Through all the challenges faced, Thompson has had many positive outcomes.

“You just end up talking,” Thompson said. “You get to know people better, like on a different level almost.”

Another way is how her clients feel on the outside. 

“I didn’t have to wear mascara for like three weeks which was really nice,” Henrie said. “I could just wake up and leave.”

“I really like the look of it afterwards because I felt like my eyelashes looked a lot more

Amelia Halverson waits patiently for her lashes to be finished. (Addie Thompson)

 lifted,” Rocque said.

These dreams weren’t all made possible by one person.

“Honestly I was influenced by Jolee [Becker],” said Thompson. “She had her whole nail thing and I was like that’s so cool. And then my mom, she used to like, she’d come home from getting her lashes done by like professional people. Then, it was kinda like people are paying that much. Like okay like I could make money. So then I just did it.”

Thompson is getting a quick start on her future career and is making many people happy.

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