Spectrum High School choir has a new director!

This year Spectrum got a new choir teacher, Chloe Peiffer. Ms. Peiffer graduated from the Universety of Northwestern. “It is definitely a change in teaching styles” explained Danica Orth, a 9th grader in Spectrum’s high school choir and Meladies choir. Ms. Peiffer, the new choir teacher, said that “This is the first school I’ve actually taught at I just graduated in the spring”.

Many choir kids love the class for the community and the new teacher adds to that. Rayna, a senior in all three of Spectrum’s choirs, said “I love the community of choir it is always in my favourite and the new choir teacher just adds a different vibe to it”.  “When you’re teaching choir you have a common goal and that kind of makes it a bonding thing” said Ms. Peifer.

Having a new teacher can be very different but can also be a significant change. Rayna said that she thinks Ms. Peiffer is very different from Spectrum’s previous choir directors, but she makes it a lot of fun with her new warm-ups and her teaching style. “It’s a lot different with the older kids so we can have a lot of fun and do more difficult music,” said Ms. Peiffer. Spectrum is so thankful to have a great new teacher this year, and they hope to continue to have great luck with their incoming teachers.