A new flag: The changes to the Minnesota flag and what they mean

The journey towards a more representative flag
The new Minnesota state flag design flying on a flag pole.
The new Minnesota state flag design flying on a flag pole.
Minnesota Historical Society

For 66 years the state flag of Minnesota had the same flag design, but recent discussion of the flag has prompted Minnesota to change the state flag to something that would represent more Minnesotans. The Minnesota state flag and seal are set to change on May 11th, 2024.

The design, by Andrew Prekker that won the open competition to come up with a new design for the Minnesota flag. (Andrew Prekker)

The state did an open design competition to chose which flag would be the new flag. From the over 2,600 submissions they eventually landed an picked out one design by Andrew Prekker. “It is my greatest hope that this new flag can finally represent our state and all its people properly,” Prekker said.

“I looked through some of the designs that were posted on the original website and they were not that great some of them were kinda nice, but most of the symbols that are out there focus on what Minnesota is, so there’s something blue that is meant to represent that waters usually there is a star which our motto is about the star of the north….in Minnesota,” said Ann Hewitt

The new design for the Minnesota state flag. (Minnesota Historical Society)

The new design for the state flag has a light blue panel on the right representing the lakes of the state. A navy blue left panel, that is in a shape resembling the state.  In the center of the navy blue shape is a white, eight-point star, that represents the northern star. Just like with most changes there is some hesitancy if it is even necessary to change the Minnesota flag. With some feeling the new flag is too abstract to fully represent Minnesota. While others are happy with the new design and feel it more accurately represents everyone in Minnesota. Unless anything changes the new Minnesota state flag will become official on May 11th.

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