Sixth graders dream of clubs and sports



Zachery Lieser interviews for the 6th grader clubs and sports to talk about what he is looking forward to.

Arianna Bechthold and Ellie Fox

As a sixth grader there aren’t many options for clubs and sports, that is why many of them look forward to seventh grade when they are able to join the variety of  high school activities Spectrum has to offer. Some already have a good idea of what activity they want to participate in, starting from football all the way to technology club. Others are already playing the sport they love whether it is a club or one of the few Spectrum sports offered to the sixth graders.

“Well I think I am going to do football again, I mean the coaches are super nice, Coach Slechta and Coach Stockwell are really good coaches…” says Jullian Johnson, a middle school student who wants to play football.

This strong passion many of the excited students have is from the huge support their family, friends, and coaches provide by also enjoying the same activity.

“My dad’s oldest brother is a robot coder so I want to follow him.” says Zachery Lieser, a sixth grader who wants to partake in the technology club.

“In the summer I would go to Michigan and play golf with my grandpa and my dad and we’d just kinda go out for a little bit and then I’ve been playing basketball since first grade because of my dad.” says Molly Langston a future golf and basketball player.

All this passion and eagerness seen from the future student athletes and coders makes Spectrum thrilled for what is to come in the upcoming years.

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