Karate tournament – 19th February 2023



Professional Karate Studios, in down town Elk River right off of Highway 10, Minnesota.

Professional Karate Studios (PKS) is a karate studio located in downtown Elk River right off Highway Ten. For many years, PKS has been teaching the next generation the art and discipline of karate. The students start with a white belt and work their way up to a black belt. To do this, students must participate in class and in tournaments. On the 19th of February, 2023, PKS held a tournament in Fridley, Minnesota.

These tournaments consist of multiple events one can participate in. There are mega-team events and individual events. Mega-team events have all ages together doing the same form. Individual events consist of weapons, sparring, or doing a form by themselves.

These tournaments take weeks of hard work. Master Wayne Cornelius is the owner and instructor of the PKS in Elk River and he says, “About two to three weeks prior to the actual event itself, the students that are interested will start to hyper-focus on the things they are doing … so that way when they do get out there they are fully prepared and ready to roll.”

With all the hours spent practicing, many of the students excelled and did great in the tournament. Nash Curtis is a brown belt, two belts below a black belt, and says, “I think our studio did really well at this tournament. This [tournament], I got first in sparring and we got second in mega-team.” 

Professional Karate Studios is always happy to welcome newcomers who are eager to ask questions or learn more about karate. Click on their homepage at Professional Karate Studios to learn more.