Checkmate! The Spectrum Middle School chess club has another great year

Some people go to book club, some people go to art club, and some people go to tech club. But a small group of students here at Spectrum Middle School go to chess club. Chess club started about four or five years ago when there was interest from many students and parents. There has been a huge interest in the chess club while it has been going. Mr. Brunt, the head of the chess club, said, “I wanted to start chess club because there was a tremendous interest in it. If you build it they will come, I’m usually at capacity every year.” Chess club happens every Wednesday, and it runs for an hour.

Chess teaches you many things; not only about the game but about life too.

“It teaches you to think strategically, it helps you think in the future. Sometimes you gotta take a hit, you sacrifice pieces. It teaches you patience, a broader way of thinking, and it also teaches you how to relax,” said Mr. Brunt.

While teaching the middle school students important life lessons, chess club is also a great place to make friends.

Andre Chavie, a member of the chess club, said, “It just kind of provides a way of fun for me, just a good time to hang out and meet new people and maybe make a couple new friends.” The chess club provides an outlet for people’s problem-solving skills, as well as a great place to meet people that are like-minded.