Rayna Cabak; a passionate, talented student at Spectrum High School

Spectrum High School is full of incredibly talented people, and one of them is Rayna Cabak. Rayna Cabak is a very talented, generous, and kind person. Rayna loves music, she is a teaching assistant for the middle school choirs, she is a section leader for the high school choir, and she is a songwriter. Katie Hanson, one of Rayna’s close friends, said, “Rayna is an incredibly kind and sweet person who always does her best to make others feel good and included.” Rayna is a great person, and people at Spectrum have noticed that about her. Ms. Sundberg, the choir pianist and Spectrum High School, said “Her joy is infectious,”. 

Rayna has grown so much in the past few years with her songwriting, piano playing, and accomplishments. In her own words, Rayna said, “Well, for me songwriting is like a puzzle and you have to piece all the pieces together so like one of the pieces is the melody, another piece is like the piano, another piece is the words and I think it’s so fun to put that puzzle piece together”.  Rayna is known for her talent as well as her encouraging, kind spirit. She is an amazing person that has gone after her passion and love for music. The things she has done and the person she has become has been so inspiring for students at Spectrum High School.