Spring theatre production brings magic to Spectrum High School

This spring, Spectrum’s theatre program performed Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.


Ruby Curtis

The cast of CInderella gather to watch the wedding between Prince Topher and Cinderella (center).

Ruby Curtis and Arianna Bechthold

I think it gives the cast an opportunity to come back, recenter, and figure out what was missing.

— Grace Knapp

Theatre performances have always been a way for students to showcase their talents. This spring, Spectrum’s theatre program performed Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella during the weekend of March 24, 25, and 26.  The students of Spectrum High School had previously been rehearsing for many weeks leading up to the performance, which clearly shown through in each performance.

Lyla Glinsek, Gabrielle, performing in a theatre production during elementary school.

For most actors, this wasn’t their first theatre production. Grace Knapp, who played Madame in Cinderella, has been performing in Spectrum theatre productions since she was in seventh grade. Lyla Glinsek, who played Gabrielle, has been in multiple musical theatre productions after starting out as a competitive dancer. Evan Stottlemyre, who plays Lord Pinkleton, started his theatre journey in first grade, with the role of Micheal in Peter Pan.

Tyler Cerar and Caroline Miltich performing as Prince Topher and Ella.

Shows like Cinderella take lots of hard work, planning, and team work to make them come to life. From auditions, to rehearsals, to costumes, to music tracks; musicals take lots of dedication and time management to come true.

Due to the show being postponed from its original dates, the cast was thrown into problem solving mode. Caroline Miltich, who plays Ella in the show, explains that when a postponement happens, the cast has to come back together to stitch up loose ends.

“How are we going to recenter ourselves and refocus ourselves,” Miltich said. “Are we going to have the music that we need? Do we still remember our lines and all the choreography?”

“One of the biggest issues with the postponement was [that] we had to re-buy the rights to the show,” Evan Stottlemyre said.

Lord Pinkleton, played by Evan Stottlemyre, delivers the announcement that Prince Topher is holding a banquet.

However, some cast members choose to see the postponement in a positive light, Grace Knapp and Carla Pastor being two of them.

“I think it gives the cast an opportunity to come back, recenter, and figure out what was missing,” Knapp said. “I think that it’s a great opportunity to come back as a cast and be like ‘okay this didn’t go great on Thursday, now that we have some time, what can we change?'”

“They say postponed, not canceled,” Pastor said. “I just took it like ‘okay just two more weeks, we can polish everything and it’s going to look better than it looks now.'”

The cast of Cinderella during a dance break while Lord Pinkleton (center) announces the ball.

Spectrum takes huge pride in their theatre program. All of the hard work and dedication that goes into performing a musical really shows once the curtain lifts from the stage.