The Super Mario Bros. Movie has the community reminiscing over their childhood


Jezabel Dimaze and Aric Randolph

A new movie recently came out taking popularity quickly and exciting video gamers. Zakya Siegler says,”I really like the Mario movie. I had very little expectation for it. When it came out, I was like, ‘Oh it’s bad.’ Then I went and saw it, and was like, ‘Oh – it’s good!'” On April 5th, 2023 the Super Mario Bros. movie came out and gained attention from critiques getting a rotten tomato score of 59%, mainly for the directors choices in casting but some students at Spectrum disagree with this. “I thought Jack Black did a good job. I think Chris Pratt could have done a little better because it was kinda just standard Chris Pratt. I think everyone was just good overall”, says Luke Navertail. “I think they did a really good job with the casting. I think they could have had a better accent on Mario but everything else fit right in, like Toad was toad, Bowser was obviously Jack Black and that was a perfect role for him”, says Zakya.

Here at Spectrum, the movie seems to be a huge hit! Were you able to go see it? With a movie as exciting and adventurous as Mario Bros., there are bound to be some great scenes. Zakya says,“I liked the psychopathic star when he was hanging in Bowser’s cage, with his sweet relief at the time of death.” “When Mario first discovered the shrooms in the boxes that was kinda cool. He found out being better was a lot better and it helped defeat Bowser. I feel like if he only had one life instead of two lives he would not have been able to complete the task”, says Jairus Sorenson. “I liked the kinds, how they went to all the different properties of Mario. They went to Rainbow Road and the donkey place. So there’s a lot of fans to enjoy”, says Luke.

The Super Mario Bros. movie is sadly no longer in theaters but according to Spectrum’s students, it’s a must- watch! Make sure to let us know your thoughts on the movie!