Injuries in football rising in 2022

Isaac Bengtson, Reporter

Football, especially high school football, is a dangerous sport. Over the past couple years, this danger has increased dramatically. For example, according to active health KC, shoulder and elbow injuries have been up 500% across America since 2005.

In this story, Jairus Sorenson gives his story about an injury he suffered through, and how it affected the team.

“I had a tear in my ACL, kinda by my groin and my hip and I had a slipped disc in my neck.” Jairus explained.

We then go to Jairus’ coach, coach Foster, about what safety precautions they take to prevent injuries.

“Injuries are always going to be a part of sports, like football especially with the contact.”

“Equipment has gotten a lot better…stretching and preparation for the game itself… there should be a trainer around in case something goes wrong.”