Student parking; the good and the bad


Ruby Curtis

Cars pulling into the Spectrum parking lot early in the morning.

Ruby Curtis and Aric Randolph

Parking space is something that is essential for student drivers, especially at Spectrum High School. Parking has always been a challenge for Spectrum students, especially those with perks; or the ability to leave campus. Many students expressed their distaste for the parking system and call for change.

Previously, last school year, a new system of parking was in the process of being put in place for this school year. The system was to have an assigned parking space for every student. However, it was decided to not be put in place, and therefore many students have varying opinions on this decision.

“I feel like the old system they had was kind of high risk, high reward, where some students would get the good spots,” says Spectrum senior, Will White. “Now this way I’m able to park where I want, instead of getting stuck at the high school.”

“I’m glad that they’re taking a step to expand it because we’ve really needed it and it gets so crowded,” says Spectrum senior Sage Behnken. “Especially since every year, Spectrum is growing with each grade.”

Although many have opinions on the assigned not being set in place, the new parking lot addition will be a helpful asset to  all driving students at Spectrum.