Small businesses during the holidays



Downtown Elk River on Main Street facing the store, Minne Made and More!

Arianna Bechthold and Ellie Fox

With the holidays right around the corner, the small businesses in downtown Elk River have to prepare for the shopping season. Locally owned stores, like Minne Made and More and the Occasional Fling, plan months in advance so they can provide for their consumers. 

Minne Made and More is a small retail boutique that sells locally handmade items from different vendors. Some of the items include soaps, clothing, paints, stickers, and more depending on the season!

The Occasional Fling is owned by Margaret “Mike” Ndende. The Occasional Fling is a small antique store that has collectibles, soaps, small furniture, and vintage items.

The winter months are a huge help to small businesses, since more people find themselves out shopping for treasures.

It’s really fall through December that is probably the heart of the business here,” says Margaret. “Without a doubt, they are our strongest months.”

Both stores can be found on Main St. in downtown Elk River. Other stores like Antiques Downtown and Kemper Drug are also good places to shop for goodies, and they are relatively close!