Winter driving, a student driver’s nightmare


Bryce Olson and Josh Klug

Most Minnesotans many know that winter is the worst time to drive in. But, besides driving in it, people may just enjoy the snow.

Jairus Sorensen, a 12th-grade student at Spectrum High School says, ” I enjoy the snow. It’s kinda nice for activities like snowboarding and sledding and snowmobiling. I just don’t like the cold.”

Another senior at Spectrum, Preston Pinz says, “I don’t enjoy it that much. It’s fun during Christmas time, sure. But then afterward it’s like depressing.”

When the roads turn icy, students’ routines become more challenging and they need more time to get to school.

“When there’s snow it probably takes about 3 or 4 minutes longer nothing crazy,” says Jairus Sorensen.

“Usually like if it like a snowstorm or something it will take me like 25, 30 minutes which isn’t too bad for my regular drive,” said Preston Pinz.

Many people know that roads form ice and slush. With that, it makes it harder to drive and a lot more dangerous.

Jairus Sorensen says, “It’s more dangerous because it is harder to stop.” 

Preston Pinz says, “It’s dangerous for sure. There is black ice under the snow that could be on the road.”

According to Bankrate, a website that offered facts about winter driving, “about 17% of all car accidents happen during snowy conditions.” Winter has always had more accidents than any other season in Minnesota.

“Statistically in Minnesota car accidents are more likely in the winter,” says Jarius Sorensen.

By common opinion, winter is the worst season to drive in.