The flu: a virus growing more common every day

Erin Omariba and Aric Randolph

Influenza aka the flu affects many, many Americans around the world. The flu is a virus that affects the respiratory system. With the respiratory system being so important a sickness like influenza could land you in the hospital. There are many symptoms of influenza like cough, sore throat, runny nose, and most importantly a fever.

With influenza being such a common virus there are many places and ways you can catch it. Joy Pieper a Minnesota Nurse introduces us to something called a fomite, “a fomite is an object that basically transfers an infection” Joy says. ” A fomite could be in your environment, It could be a pencil or even cash”.

Having any sickness affects your personal life as well social and school life. Missing school impacts you and your teachers. You may miss notes, homework, important lectures, etc. For teachers having multiple students out with a sickness means they have to plan and make sure all the students have access to all the materials they need.

We all need to make sure we are drinking water and washing our hands to stay clean and avoid getting really sick because no one enjoys being sick.