Senior capstone projects; how Spectrum seniors are impacting the community

Senior Capstone, a requirement for graduation, and a chance to help your community here at Spectrum. Many of our Juniors and Seniors are working on, their capstone projects, and are partnering with various organizations to create their own legacy.

“So my legacy project is that I’m holding a family 5k walk slash run. Basically, I’ve invited families to come and just walk around like a 5k course, or they also have the option to run.”  Grace Beck

“My legacy project was Crescent cove and it’s a respite and hospice house for children who have shortened lives and special needs. It’s basically a place where children to go for families to get a break while the child is in a safe environment surrounded by medical professionals.” – Gaby Kappes

 “My plan for my senior capstone project is to work with the humane society to help foster cats.” – Kelly Denker

Each person picks their organization with a goal that is unique to them.

“I’m donating the money to angel foundation, which is a financial assistance for families who are dealing with cancer” – Grace Beck

“I chose my organization because when I was in fifth grade my dad was diagnosed with cancer. And angel foundation was a financial” – Grace Beck

 “I want to be able to bring home as many cats as I can because there are so many cats in the world and they all just need a home. And so  I want to be able to like get tons of signs and tell everyone that there’s a bunch of cats up for adoption. Because I want to be able to rehome as many cats as possible. – Kelly Denker

 “I chose crescent cove because I want to work in healthcare and I’ve really been passionate about children my whole life and I especially feel bad for children who have shortened lifespans and I really want them to be able to enjoy the time that they do have.” – Gaby Kappes

With Choosing an organization they love there is always something to be learned.

“The biggest I’ve learned is that even if you do a small act of service you can make a big impact on the world you don’t have to be the one physically helping the child at crescent cove because you can literally be making dinner or cleaning up the house and still be making a really big difference in the kid’s experience.” – Gaby Kappes

Senior Capstone is an important experience for learning and growing as a person. We wish everyone luck on their projects.