Spectrum Alpine Skiing: a small team with big accomplishments


Sophie Brenteson

The Spectrum Alpine Ski Team along with their coaches; Brock Magruder (left), Garett Peterson (center), and Sophie Brenteson (right).

Ruby Curtis and Natalie Fischer

Alpine skiing is a sport that many schools participate in. Although, at Spectrum High School, it’s not the typical team one would expect. There are only three members, with one girl. Those members are Sophie Brenteson, Garrett Peterson, and Brock Magruder.

Sophie Brenteson, the only girl on the team, has found joy in skiing her whole life, starting when she was 18 months old and has been racing since she was five or six years old.

Like any sport, alpine skiing brings its own set of challenges, which each athlete has to overcome.

“It’s kind of a big mental game,” says Brenteson. “Like if you screw up, you can’t think about it because otherwise you’ll keep screwing up.” 

But with an onset of challenges, success comes sailing, or rather skiing, in. Last year, Sophie Brenteson won the conference and had the opportunity to go to the junior championships in Colorado.

Garrett Peterson, another member of the skiing team, started skiing with Spectrum in seventh grade. Since then, skiing has not only been a hobby, but a competitive sport as well. Deciding that competing was fun, he wanted to participate in more races.

The determined mindsets of the alpine skiing team will bring them far, whether it’s just down the hill or later in life.