The producer’s vlog; NOISE News and the Accolade team up for a field trip at the UofM

On October 13th, the Noise News Crew went on an exciting field trip to the University of Minnesota at the Twin Cities Campus. The convention was hosted by the Hubbard School of Journalism, and other Twin Cities newspapers and news stations. Noise News wasn’t the only team of Spectrum journalists learning new things at the convention! Yearbook joined in on the fun, learning new things about writing and producing their stories in print while Noise News members learned the same but on film!

Producers, Natalie Fischer and Isaac Bengtson, lead viewers through the day, interviewing fellow news members from other schools, getting a fresh perspective. Students began by listening to the Keynote speakers and then split off to their own sessions.

Bengtson and Fischer gave updates after their sessions and spoke about a producer round-table that went not exactly the way it was planned!

By the end of the day, Noise News and Yearbook members were full of new knowledge and were looking forward to the awards ceremony!

Noise News members and Yearbook walked away with awards, ending a full day of journalism.