Spectrum student’s Thanksgiving traditions

Aric Randolph and Erin Omariba

Starting in the fall, Holidays are in full motion. After Halloween, one of the most important holidays Thanksgiving comes. Thanksgiving is an American Holiday that celebrates when pilgrims and Native Americans came together and had a feast in 1621. This was important because it showed corporations.

Many people at Spectrum Highschool celebrate Thanksgiving.

“My family does pretty much the normal stuff like we get together and typically it’s dinner. Before that, though we usually have breakfast on thanksgiving day which is pretty fun.” Said Preston Pinz.

Thanksgiving today brings a time to share what you are thankful for and also the great food. The staple of a great Thanksgiving meal is turkey, rolls, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

“My favorite food would have to be the rolls. It just tastes really good” Said Willaim White. 

Thanksgiving is a very important American Holiday that almost all spectrum students