Teachers with kids at Spectrum; how teachers balance having a child who attends the school they teach at


For some teachers at Spectrum, they don’t have to walk far to chat with their kid. Teachers who have children who attend the school they teach at sometimes affects each other’s daily routines.

“Having a child affects my life a little bit more since we do get to spend a little bit more time together now that we are at the same school,” says Mr. Gangl, a 7th-grade history teacher.

“If they get sick because I am teaching and they’re going to the same school that I am at, that would affect it but other than that it doesn’t,” says Ms. Faatz, 8th grade Phy Ed and College Wellness for Life teacher.

Mr. Ruzek quoted, “Sure but for the better a huge reason just wanting to be with your the opportunity to be with your kids over the course of the day is an unbelievable joy.”

Most of the time teachers have to change their schedules to fit their kid’s needs or on the other hand, the kids have to fit into their parent’s schedules. Ms. Faatz says, “We have to be here a school at seven o’clock and then we have to stay here until three o’clock.” Many times it is difficult with the more kids they have, according to Mr. Ruzek, “Only in that getting here is harder when I’m dragging three people along with me.

“My life is pretty much routine based once school starts you get in the groove and you just kinda stay in it once school is over, especially with coaching,” replied Mr. Gangl.

The role of the teacher is to teach, but when they have their child in their class they may have to treat them differently. Mr. Ruzek said, “I might not be quite as loud as I am at home.”

“I probably treated him harder than I would treat other students. You could ask him when he was in 7th grade,” quoted Mr. Gangl. Teachers may enjoy having their kids in their classes, as well.

“I enjoyed having Asher in Phy ed class,” says Mrs. Faatz. “When he was in my class, he was my student first before my son.”

The teachers and their child or children might have the same routines and affect each other’s standards.